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Open Door Ministries takes a personal interest in the well being of each child who is part of our sponsorship program. We assist families in need in remote & difficult areas around the world and ensure that the challenges that are specific to each family or child and to each situation are met. We assist villages from empovershed Central America.


Open Door Ministries is making a difference through their "feeding the hungry" program, the Gates of Hope refuge home, the Village of Hope orphanage, as well as purchasing school supplies, or getting a child to a doctor for medical care. Open Door Ministries changes lives in the short term and long term.


Open Door Ministries wants to give a hand up, not a hand out.  Our Micro-Economic program helps men and women of Honduras start their own business.  Sometimes as little as $40-$100 can put a family in business.  The picture on the bottom right is a man, who has a wife and 9 children to support.  The families income came soley from making carmel popcorn to be sold on the streets.  His pot got a hole in it and they did not have the funds needed to replace it. A donation of just $45 was able to get him a new pot as well as a good amount of start-up ingredients to make his popcorn and get the family back their income.


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